Video Marketing Times – Why Haven’t You Got It Yet?

Video Marketing Times – Why Haven’t You Got It Yet?

video marketing times

The Growth of Video MarketingVideo Marketing Figures

Are you doing any video marketing times? Do you know that a YouTube channel is the equivalent of a Facebook profile? Do you know that online video, yes video can help with your SEO? In addition, as opposed to TV ads, online videos are trackable and can be viewed repeatedly attracting the long-tail viewers while allowing you to measure the exact impact of the video and participate around it in the comments section or on blogs.

Some of the Trends

Advertisers Using Online Video

Advertisers are becoming more confident in using online video advertising, due to factors such as standardisation of ad formats, online video advertising is going from strength to strength. A recent study from ComScore, found that just over 45% of users in America viewed at least one video ad over a month. You can watch a more detailed video here Comscore – The State of Online Video. What is surprising is that only average 30% of Youtube ads are skipped, this came from a conference in Manchester, Bruce Daisley, sales director at Youtube & Google.

Streaming Films on the Up

In a huge coup for Netflix, a recent study found that 20% of peak time donwstream internet trafficwas streaming video from their site. This is great news for Netflix, and perhaps not so great news for the DVD market.

Bigger Screens Promote Video

Resulting from what previous Nielsen analysis identifies as the iPad’s larger screen, iPad users show substantially higher download rates for video content than iPhone users. One-third (33%) of iPad users regularly access TV shows, three times the 11% of iPhone users who do so. And the 32% of iPad users who regularly access movies is virtually three times the 12% of iPhone users who regularly access movies.

Mobile Using Video On the Rise

This is probably quite obvious but the people over at Nielsen recently reported that mobile video is on the rise. As more people start using smartphones e.g. iPhone, Blackberries) this is only set to accelerate even faster. The main thing is, we now have clear idea on how big and fast video consumption is growing. According to their recent State of the Media report Americans consumed more video than any quarter prior on mobile devices.

Live Streaming Growth at Over 650%

Comscore announced that the amount of time American audiences spent watching video on live video channels (, Ustream, Livestream, LiveVideo, and Stickam) has grown 648% to more than 1.4 billion minutes. This phenomenal growth compares to a 68% increase in video views on Youtube. Although this is still a small proportion of  the online video market, live streaming is growing in popularity and use. Many organisations are now enbracing this as way to extend their reach and engagement with employees. As people become more accustomed to this form of content growth will continue. UStream are the dominant players in this, but Facebook is quickly developing its capabilities – recently introducing LiveStreamintegration with Facebook pages. This has the potential to hugely increase the live stream video market and see it really reach the mainstream.

Ways to Use Video for Your Business

Video is a powerful tool for marketing your business. If done well you can reach a large audience through a viral effect otherwise known as buzz marketing. Video can be distributed across multiple online platforms easily both as ads or for consumption across social channels. Video enhances response rates for other forms of marketing e.g. email, SEO, PPC… Some ways video can be used for marketing:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Service testimonials
  • Promotions
  • Product launches
  • Product training

Other ways you can use Video for your organisation:

  • Business news
  • Events/Keynote speeches
  • Health and Safety
  • Human resources (training/induction)

Some TipsSocial is just a label, the real challenge is figuring out how to deliver optimal customer experience that builds meaningful relationships between you and your customers and employees.

  1. Move beyond using Twitter and Facebook – many businesses still only focus on these channels. Simple to add in a button to your website so that people can also find your YouTube channel.
  2. Make sure you tag your videos with keywords that are relevant to the video but also are the ones you use for your SEO strategy
  3. Make your YouTube channel a destination add it to your website as well as your Twitter and Facebook buttons. Name your YouTube Channel but put some thought into the name of your channel just as you would for the domain of a blog or website.
  4. Take advantage of YouTube’s advertising.  There are two types of advertising
    1. YouTube Search. They’re the number two search engine out there. You can bid on the keywords people use when searching on YouTube just as you do on Google adwords (PPC). Instead of a text ad coming up on the right-hand side as it does on Google, you get a video and a thumbnail of a video. The cost is relatively low compared to Facebook or Google.
    2. Promoted Videos. This is just as the name says where you can promote a video you have uploaded. Once you have your video submitted as a Promoted Video, it then has the opportunity to run what are called ‘CTA’ ads. ‘CTA’ stands for ‘call to action.’

A successful video marketing times strategy focuses on attracting the right audience with a topic or theme that’s video-worthy and can be compelling! Get that right and you could dramatically increase your results.

Use video marketing to engage your customers and educate them


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