Social Media PESTLE

What does being agile mean?social media pestle

Is your organisation understand the social media pestle, is it agile and ready for the changes that increasingly require rapid decisions, flexible resources, adaptive systems and agile leadership?

See slides on agile leadership here. social media pestle

What are the trends that are driving the change

An organisation’s success is influenced by how well it deals with changes in markets, economies, customers and other factors such as technology. If businesses understand the changes they stand a better chance of adopting strategies which manipulate these factors to it’s advantage.

A successful business will not only understand what factors affect the business e.g. what is affecting trade, but will also undertand what is likely to affect it in the future. A social media pestle can help. By understanding the key factors that influence performance a business can take advantage of new situations as they evolve, adjust resources and grow. They can plan instead of react. If a company can change and respond to new situations quicker than competitors it will grow market share. Each market will have different factors that affect it. Here is a compilation of some infographics that nicely illustrate some of the factors and issues to consider and some information that is just worth thinking about.

Technologysocial media pestle

An insight into 2020 but these changes will start to appear in 2011 e.g. wireless objects that we can connect to. An interesting start to the rise of the robot.






What do you think is going to affect your business the most?