The ROI of A Customer Focused Social Media

The ROI of A Customer Focused Social Media

Customer Focused Social Media and Customer Retention

We know that paying attention to customers is important!. Recently SocialBakers proiduced some insights into how big brands respond (or don’t) to customers on social media.

Imagine if you had a business and didn’t answer the phone regularly. You might soon find that your customers have moved away and found someone that does care about what they have to say. Social networks increasingly are becoming a direct channel of communication. The consequence of this is that brands and businesses alike need to respond to customers.

Being attentive to customers is what makes brands great – they put the customer first and orientate the business around the customer. Listening to customers, complaints and moans can help you improve – or they can help your competitive improve

If you have time take a video from SocialBakers which talks more about socially devoted businesses.

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