Social Benchmark Report for Fortune 100 Big Brand Trends

Social Benchmark Report for Fortune 100 Big Brand Trends

Are the big brands of the fortune 100 social, take a look at the results of the social media benchmark report.

Social Benchmark Report – The Global Social Media Checkup

The third annual report by Burson-Marsteller, called Global Social Media Check-Up, reveals some interesting trends amongst the Fortune 100. Back in 2010 the Fortune 100 were just tuning in to the need to ramp up social media; few were advertising their presence on Facebook and many hadn’t even got a tweet to their name. However some like Ford had already set out a clear strategy and made significant investments in both, infra-structure, teams and tested the water with a variety of campaigns.

The Social Benchmark Report Facts

Rather than read the whole report we have pulled out the key points and facts for you.

  • The Fortune Global 100 were mentioned a total of 10,400,132 times online in one month (probably not all in a good way though re: American Association of Consumer Satisfaction
  • 87% of the companies are using at least one of the major social platforms to engage with online stakeholders.
  • Facebook

  • 74% of companies have a presence on Facebook
  • The average number of Likes per company Facebook Page rose 275 percent, to 152,646
  • On Facebook, the biggest brands have an average of 10.4 accounts each
  • 93% of Facebook pages are updated weekly, up from 59% in 2010
  • Twitter

  • The average Fortune Global 100 companies was mentioned 55,970 times on Twitter
  • The average number of followers per corporate Twitter account has increased to 14,709 from 1,498 in 2010
  • 79% of corporate accounts attempt to engage on Twitter with retweets and @-mentions
  • The average number of follows amongst the Fortune 100 is only 2,062
  • YouTube

  • YouTube, 82% of companies have accounts
  • 79% use YouTube, up from 57% a year earlier
  • Each YouTube channel averages over 2M views
  • Average number of channels per company is now 8.1, up from 2.1 in 2010
  • Pinterest & Google

  • 25% of companies have a Pinterest account
  • 48% of the Fortune 100 have Google+ accounts

What The Social Benchmark Report Figures Point To and Some Take Outs

Facebook Having gained their confidence and started to build in the resources to manage social media, many large organisations are now recognising that one Facebook page restricts their ability to communicate to different customer segments and audiences. As an example many of the car brands have moved to a matrix approach – localised pages and pages for specific car models. The splintering of social media assets into smaller more targeted assets is critical to improving engagement rates. Other consumer brands have now moved to brand and product pages.

YouTube was always going to be a key business goal, it is the richest medium for being able to communicate your brand and the special effects now enable brands to deliver incredible and inspiring videos. On a more practical level it means you have another distribution channel and can ‘reuse’ your advertisements.

Twitter has been and for many still is a challenge. The number of people scale of conversation and commercial use is still not being fully harnessed. Many organisations have in place the customer service/reputation angle plugin (often by their PR agency) but they haven’t gripped the collaborative opportunities, the conversations and data aspect.

I have checked some of the Google accounts of the Fortune 100 and they are not active. Pinterest on the other hand has captured the imagination of many marketing teams who are used to using visual elements in ads to promote their business. So now Pinterest has been invaded by brands who are pinning everywhere soem doing it very creatively.

Social Benchmark Report Media Checkup

As a social benchmark report this provides some valuable insights into how social media is evolving and gives an indication into the still early days of social business.

What are your thoughts on the Social Benchmark Report?