Simple and Smart Social Media Tools To Use

Simple and Smart Social Media Tools To Use

Social Media Tools For Business

The range and breadth of social media tools is forever evolving but the principles of how and why you use them remain the same. I have listed a few tools here that have remained as favourites with many businesses and range from the simple to the more complex. As we see more weight being placed on content generation the role and importance of content aggregation will increase. The internet is full of duplicate copies of advice, methods and news; aggregators can simplify and filter the content streams and reduce it to relevant, timely filtered content.

A trend for 2013 will be how platforms allow for smarter aggregation and filtering of content. #As the ‘noise’ from the online world increases so too does the need to focus on a niche and produce unique content to capture audiences.

Social Media Management Tools

A Social Media Management System (SMMS) is a software tool that uses business rules and approved employees and partners to manage multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This system contains features such as governance, workflow, intelligence, and integration capabilities across the enterprise.

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Some Tools That You May Find Useful

There are too many tools to list so we thought we would highlight those that provide useful ways to be more effective with social media. If you have any suggestions then please let us know.


The term ‘content aggregation’ has a number of different interpretations, but we have simply pulled together some of the more basic ways of tapping into content streams and focusing on keywords-these make it easy to create newspaper or magazine.

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social media tools

social media tools

Social Media Listening Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools help you understand what  people are saying about your business or brand online. They aggregate mentions, provide analysis and help you track the ROI (return on investment) on your social media investments. They also help you listen and respond to people, building relationships online and provide the tools to manage your reputation and keep your customers happy. We have pulled together a list of social media monitoring tools to help you whether you are a large brand or a smaller SMB.   Choosing the right tool depends on the volume of mentions in the social networks, frequency, channels and the size and breadth of your team that deals with this aspect of social business (e.g. inter-departmental vs. siloed and small) are some of the variables that define what tool will be right for your organization.

Here are some tools to review:

Sprout Social is a social media tool created to help small businesses maintain numerous social networks from one place. Sprout offers different packages and prices to suit your needs. Sprout Social Professional you can search, monitor and cross-post to many different social media networks and schedule messages to be posted. And you can also track links and referrals.and manage Twitter, Facebook (fan and personal pages) and LinkedIn.

CoTweet’s has a free Standard plan and it offers a paid Enterprise plan which is geared towards businesses that have a number of Twitter accounts. CoTweet Standard provides Tweet scheduling, email notifications, click tracking, message assignments multiple account publishing, and analytics reporting (not a lot).
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A real-time social media monitoring and analytics platform featuring: Automated Sentiment, Key Influencer Tracking, Geography and Demographics, and Real-time with Historical Archives.
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Brand Monitor
Brand Monitor Basic Edition has a free and paid for version. The Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Platform has everything you need to get started with social media monitoring and engagement. Track your brand, your competition or search any topic across many social media sites. It is also great for tracking articles, blog posts and tweets in Near-Real-time.
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Engagio is like an inbox with analytics for all your social media conversations including blog comments. Engagio lets you track and reply to your comments from Facebook Comments (or Wall), Twitter conversations, Google+ posts, LinkedIn comments or shared links or Foursquare check-ins from a single Inbox.
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SocialPointer provides real-time social media monitoring and marketing for marketing agencies, businesses and individuals. It enables you to track, monitor and respond in real-time to mentions and conversations.
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Brandwatch excellent analytics and also provides good sentiment analysis this makes it particularly good for consumer focused brands. If reputation management are vital for tracking your across multiple channels then this is a good brand and research tool.
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Reputation is squarely focused on helping individuals and SMB’s/businesses manage their online reputation across social media channels. Reputation Defender provides a full service aimed at helping you deal with the results that Google serves up about you.
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Beevolve is a all round easy-to-use, comprehensive and social media monitoring and analysis platform which is suited to SMB’s and SME’s. The Active Influencers widget identifies those key influencers and allows you to engage with them to help promote your brand and product. For total social media optimization, Beevolve updates and feeds information into your dashboard in real time.

Get all the latest tweets, news, videos, photos, and more on any topic you want in one place. There’s a Socialseek site for everything and you can even make your own.
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They will help you build a brand nation of your most passionate customers. Whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, or your own branded community, Lithium helps find them, listen to their conversations, and respond in an intelligent way. They will help you understand their influence, engage their passions, and turn them into superfans—which means they’ll contribute to your company’s marketing, commerce, customer service, and product development activities. They’ll belong to the brand.
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The social web connects people where they share, critique and interact with content and each other. PostRank is the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry.

Radian6 (now part of sales force)
Part of, Radian6 provides heavy duty social media monitoring capabilities from listening to discovering in real-time as well as a full raft of analysis and intelligence tools to measure conversations and sentiment across the social web. Radian6’s platform captures hundreds of millions of conversations across multiple channels e.g Twitter , Facebook, blogs, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites. This is a tool for larger organizations, SME’s and brands.
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Alterian SM2
Alterian is another large scale analysis and intelligence tool that enables organizations to listen and engage, monitor, track and analyse their brand across the social web. A leading international integrated marketing platform provider, Alterian’s is known for its deep level of analysis tools. Importantly it enables teams to build integrated communications and deliver personalized customer experience.
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What do you need to know?

  • Know your customer
  • Know your company
  • Know your strengths
  • Know your opportunities
  • Know your competitors

Why do you need to know?

  • Affect change
  • Reputation management
  • Become engaged
  • Improve (sales, community citizenship, ROI, reputation, position)
Types of information you can learn:
  • Demographics – Who is talking? What are the differences by gender, by age, by geography?
  • Online geography – Where is the conversation happening? What are the differences by platform, by network? Similarities?
  • Influencers – Who is affecting the conversation strongly? How can you learn from them or even involve them in your success?
  • Who are those influencers connected to, talking with, sharing with?
  • Content – Are people asking questions? Talking to each other? Talking to your brand? Talking about your brand? Recommending? Criticizing or complementing?
  • Common themes, keywords and phrases, messaging that resonates.