3 Big Social Media Changes and What You Need To Know

3 Big Social Media Changes and What You Need To Know
I know that social media changes and that is great but sometimes a lot more happens all at once, and this was one of those weeks. (Spring!) But what do these changes mean for businesses?

The 3 Big Social Media Changes

What are the 3 Big Changes?

1. Facebook Newsfeed
2. YouTube Channel Design
3. Google Plus Covers and a new tab – Local Reviews Tab

The Facebook Newsfeed

First things first – click this link and submit your request
social media changes - facebook newsfeed

Why has Facebook made the change?

Visual content is now a key determinate in how content gets shared – Dan Zarella having studied this proves the case see infographic.
As I mentioned before the visual marketing is not only vital for developing your blog but your brand online.
Social networks like Tumblr have been visual for a while now and their popularity with the youth culture is starting to blur into main stream.
But perhaps the obvious reason is the revenue generation of richer media ads that can be presented into people’s newsfeeds.

What are the changes?

  1. “Liked Page” story format – When a user Likes a Facebook Page, friends will end up seeing a larger image of the Facebook Page in the story, including the Page’s profile picture and cover photo. So make sure your cover photo is well branded and distinct
  2. Shared Links Stories
    facebook social media changes

    Shared Links will now show the visual content rather than focus on who share it. The picture above shows a video as the main focus, with images of friends (who shared) showing up on the left. By hovering over the pictures of friends you can see their comments about the video in the comments.

    I think you will start to see text overlays starting to play a bigger part in visuals and the obvious rise will be in video content sharing on Facebook. Perhaps Facebook is recognizing the huge advantage that Google has with YouTube.

  3. The following feed – Following feed is a new News Feed choice that allows users to see every post in chronological order from Facebook Pages that they follow (like). Remembering the Perception Gap i.e. unless brands engage more in valued promotions I doubt this will be used.

Google Plus Changes (visual is Big!)

OK first of all there are some free templates at http://googlepluscoverphoto.blogspot.com in PSD format – very useful.

The social media changes with Google Plus:

  1. The Google Plus cover just got Big!. Note: Once a profile or page upgrades to this new cover photo layout, the change cannot be undone.
    Cover photos just got a whole lot bigger with a better aspect ratio than before (up to 2120px by 1192px) – they display in 16×9 when fully expanded.
    socail media changes for google plus

    Brands need to rethink how they use this space creatively.

  2. Local Reviews Tab
    Google also added a new tab for your Local Reviews. In addition to keeping track of your photos, +1’s and YouTube videos, there’s now a place for all your Local Reviews to be stored too. You can highlight your favorite restaurants, or hide the tab completely if you want via the settings.

    What is interesting here for local businesses, high st stores, restauarants, hotel, hairdressers…is the ability to ‘checkin’ creating social shares! and of course the development of social trust through reviews. Google’s mobile strategy moves closer to giving locational context to searches and information.
    google plus reviews and checkins

    social media changes new google plus tab

  3. Easier Editing:
    The ‘About’ tab now has separate cards of information: Story, Places, Education, Basic Information, Links and more. Each block has its own prominent edit link, where as before, you can choose to share your information publicly, with specific circles or just keep them private to yourself.
    social media changes - google tabs
  4. YouTube Introduces One Channel


    The last of the social media changes of this week is the overhaul to the design of YouTube called One Channel.

    If you aren’t yet into video marketing now is the time to get behind it. The YouTube changes fit perfectly to the rise of mobile browsing and search. Remember it isn’t Bing or Yahoo that are the second biggest search engine it is YouTube.

    The changes are set to enable businesses to really be creative and engage their audience:
    The YouTube One Channel allows brands/businesses the ability to place a big header (called Channel Art) on the top of their channels and to have a video trailer which starts playing for all visitors who aren’t yet subscribed to the channel. – Wow

    social media changes - youtube one channel

    What do think about these social media changes?