10 Creative Examples Of How Brands Are Using Twitters Vine

10 Creative Examples Of How Brands Are Using Twitters Vine

If you look at how brands are using Twitters Vine app you get the idea is going to be hot. I think animated GIFs are going to be big (bigger than there are already). Twitters Vine has brought GIFs to the attention of the masses. There are no technical barriers to make small animated GIFS using Vine, it is simple and easy to do using

10 Examples of How Brands Are Using Twitters Vine App

These 10 examples of how brands are using Twittters Vine app show the simple to the complex. Taking a simple Vine video is relatively easy, but creating a full blown animated short is a different story altogether and requires a lot more post production.

What is interesting though is how creative people can get with it. To illustrate this take a look at the #6secfilms and the shortlists (finalists for those reading this later) over at the The Tribeca Online Festival. The four categories are Series, Auteur, Animate, or Genre.

Here is the animate example:

What I think will be interesting is how many brands will eventually use it to crowdsource creative ideas for Twitters Vine app and/or run competitions? What do you think?

Brands Experimenting With Twitters Vine App

Brand have quickly caught onto Vine and are already producing some interesting results:


ASOS has always been great at leading with social initiatives, taking innovative approaches to using social and it has already started experimenting with Vine.

What I love about this is that Asos is focusing its attention of its customers and inviting them into to participate with it. Although ASOS has done the expected of using Vine for product promotion, it has also been a bit more inventive. Asos invited shoppers to show off their own experiences. ASOS asked its followers to post clips of themselves unboxing their orders using the hashtag #ASOSUnbox – these little magical moments are gold.

[vine size=480 type=postcard]http://vine.co/v/b1errWd3peM[/vine]


This a superb piece of short animation and makes you realise how creative you really can get. A bit of time lapse of photos and well you can have an amazing 6 seconds.

[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/bJJabDT9eZU[/vine]


Another piece of time lapsed video and great way to send a message to your followers.

[vine size=480 type=postcard]http://vine.co/v/bvFZqKdHMKE[/vine]

Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum takes the simple idea and builds on it – what do you think of with Rum? This story tells it.

[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/b52DvxmdKZt[/vine]


This campaign marries up nicely with the Doritos TV campaign – they keep it nice and simple and use sound – that is right you don’t have to be quiet.

[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/bDVpIUFww9r[/vine]

USA Today

Some people are not going to like quick flicking through of images. However, for a newspaper it gets over key headlines in a short space of time.

[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/b6wvQMKiIKE[/vine]

General Electric

This is just visually smooth and well engaging

[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/bXJAmFLBaat[/vine]

SweetShot Photography

As content marketing turns its attention to helping people then this may be a handy format to show snippets of courses or handy hints e.g. see Bacardi Vine short snippets

[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/bnBFxqd9PKH[/vine]


The brands that are getting on board with Vine often rely on visual merchandising to grab their attention. If you think that GIF’s are amazingly popular with youth culture then fashion brands are going to love Vine.

[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/bnbh3VtrUHH[/vine]


[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/bnqj5qmnIwQ[/vine]

People Magazine

Similar to newspapers getting people hungry to read a magazine helps build traffic to the website and/or sell magazine sin print. This tease certainly will get womens attention.
[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/bJYuBAjWv3Z[/vine]

Calvin Lein

[vine size=480 type=postcard]https://vine.co/v/b1iiiiUz5uq[/vine]

Top Tips For Using Vine

  • Share your first post with the hashtag #firstpost this is the initiation post. Comment on your followers first Vine
  • Scribble a note and send it out to your followers – try some time lapse photography to make it more entertaining (use the outtakes for even more fun! especially if it funny and captures genuine laughter – like outtakes of films )
  • Use Vine’s hashtags to grab attention
  • Think about the sound – have fun playing around with your own voice (even if you don’t like to hear it) to explain what you’re doing in the video itself – perhaps forget the cheesy audio dubs/supermarket music you hear on some video.
  • Share your videos right away – once you have edited it don’t be too much of a perfectionist – get it out there and experiment with what works for your audience
  • Check how your competitionj are using Vine and in these early stages keep taking inspiration from leading brands who are using it frequently
  • KISS, or Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Vine is not the best medium for communicating complex concepts.
  • Force yourself to define, in one sentence, what you hope a viewer will take away from the video
  • Vines can be geotagged – so don’t forget to tag it as well

Why is it good?

  • The mobile and social space is evolving fast so have fun and evolve with it. Take your learning early and adapt to how the social space is moving to more visual ways to engage customers. The old saying of a picture can convery a thousand words is true and so add 6 seconds and you can multiply that as well.
  • Vine is definitely going to boost Twitters popularity and will help build and foster relationships between people. I think we will see new more Vine snippets in blogs and on news / magazines.
  • The canvas for creative expression is getting 3 dimensional (in much the same way that £D printing is now a reality) and sound bites of information and expression are going to be important
  • Of course the big draw is simply entertainment factor – so bear that in mind if you get too advert focused

Other Vine Resources and Tips

Measuring Engagement With Vine Videos

Simply Measured provides reports that allow you to analyze your Vine content compared to other visual media on Twitter e.g. Instagram and YouTube tweets.

Searching On Vine

If you are want to search for other Vine videos simply use https://twitter.com/search?q=vine.co
You can also search on industry-specific keywords to your search https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=vine.co+keyword

WordPress Plugin

The Artiss Vine Embed WordPress plugin is a simple to install plugin that allows you to add Vine videos to your WordPress blog. An alternative is to follow these instructions.
Vine videos use which are not responsive, so the videos will play just fine on mobile, if it is wider than the browser it’s being viewed on it will hang off the page.

Third Party Apps

There’s no public API announced for Vine but it is sure to come. However, there is already a few bets taking place on where this is going.
Vine Roulette
The web app is a collage of Vines, it allows you to create your own collage using the search tool.

Vinepeek shows you newly-posted Vines in real-time. You can even record Vines directly in the app as well.

Vinesmap collects geotagged Vines from around the globe and plots them on to a map of the world. The site is powered by OpenStreetMap data and is very similar to a Twitter video visualization

All Around The Vines
This app plays Vines in full-screen. You can search by using a hashtags.

For those of you that love cats Vinecats is full of Vine videos all about cats. If you love cats.

A simple, nine square grid where the videos refresh automatically.

Just Vined 
Just Vined it shows 12 vines on a loop.

How do you think Vine will do