How To Use Lead Scoring To Improve Conversions

content marketing funnel

If you know how to use lead scoring to improve conversions you will improve your marketing ROI. In the last blog I talked about the need to identify your content marketing ROI using a simple benchmark process. But many people have asked me what how to manage a pipeline of leads. The key to this […]


How To Calculate Your Content Marketing ROI

how to track your marketing roi

If you spend any amount of time or money on content marketing then you might want to know how to calculate your content marketing ROI. To measure the impact of your content marketing you need to be able to have the following in place: analytics to measure your site e.g. Google analytics analytics to measure […]


What is Organic SEO Infographic

what does organic seo mean

The What is Organic SEO Infographic below gives you the heads up on how to best build a healthy SEO strategy for your website or blog. If you are not sure what is organic search engine optimisation (SEO) means though here is a brief explanation. What does Organic Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO) mean? Organic […]


Best Social Media Platform For Your Business Infographic

what is best social media platform for your business

Choosing the best social media platform for your business is critical to making the most out of your time and marketing spend. You not only need to consider where your target audience spend time but also how effective the platform is in conversions and driving traffic to your website. VentureBeat reported on a study by […]


What is a Social Media Strategy Definition and Thoughts

social media strategy definition

Some may see that there is no need for a social media strategy definition. Surely it’s obvious what it is! Recently the marriage of SEO and social media has dazzled marketers with the consequential rise in content marketing. As a result the opportunities to use social media more strategically have taken second place or been […]


What Is Content Curation 3 Infographics


These infographic neatly explains what is content curation and how you can use it to engage your target audience. What Is Content Curation Infographic Curating content can not only help build an audience around your brand it can also save you a lot of time. The key to good content curation is to overlay your […]